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ILVE Features

ILVE® Ranges are state-of-the-art when it comes to functionality, while keeping simplicity of use first and foremost when it comes to the cooking process. From preparation to cleanup, we spare no effort to making cooking a pleasure, each and every time. Below are some of the many features that make using ILVE® products a unique experience.

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9 Smart Cooking Options

Griddle-Top Cooking

Griddle-Top - Cook everything from eggs to burgers.

BBQ Grilling

Barbeque Grill - Enjoy juicy grilled food all year long.

Oblong Burner

Oblong Burner - Evenly heats oblong pots and pans.

Wok Ring

Wok Ring - Distribute heat perfectly for stir-fry cooking.

Griddle Top Cover

Griddle Top Cover - Traps in heat, splatter and moisture.

Multiple Burners

Multiple Burners - Prepare multiple dishes at one time.

Bain Marie

Bain Marie - Warms, steams and simmers.

Steam Cooking

Steam Cooking - Great for veggies, poultry, seafood.

Steak Pans

Steak Pans - Cast Iron, Ribbed or Flat.

Multifunction Cooking Advantages - Control Knob

Turn selector knob to desired function for optimal cooking settings.

Control Knob

Standard Range Features

ILVE’s patented high efficiency brass burners allow for maximum heat transfer – for ideal performance!

All ILVE Ranges feature the ultimate in no-compromise design and performance.

Designed by professionals, but with ease of use and cleanup firmly in mind, ILVE makes cooking a special experience, every time.

ILVE Range Features

Design Your Own ILVE® Range

ILVE® ranges are available in a wide variety of sizes, colors configurations with various cooktop options - below is just a brief overview.

To find the ILVE® range that's perfect for you, please go to our Ranges page, where you can find out more and really "build your own."

24", 30", 36", 40", 48", 60"
Gas - 24", 30", 36"
Dual-Fuel - 30", 36", 40", 48", 60"
Induction - 30"

Trim Finish

ILVE Trim Finish


Sample Colors 1
Sample Colors 2
Single Oven
- or -
Double Oven

Green Energy Savings Features

ILVE Green Energy Rating


ILVE Majestic earned the EU “A” energy rating for performance and fuel consumption.


Electric oven pre-heats to 350º in less than 8 minutes.

ILVE glass oven doors

All ovens have a removable triple-pane glass door for easy internal cleaning. Also allows for better heat insulation and energy savings.

ILVE warming drawer

Warming drawers in all ranges. Draws heat from oven so no additional energy is used.

 Electric Oven Features

The ILVE line of Majestic Ranges is comprised of 5 different capacity ovens.

  • Maxi - Oven 90 -
    Available in electric multifunction version, (convection & bake). Large oven for Majestic 60” & 48” & ILVE PRO 48”. Oven for 36”, All includes rotisserie.
  • Maxi - Oven 70 -
    Available in electric multifunction version, (convection & bake). Oven for 30”, includes Rotisserie.
  • Standard - Oven 60 -
    Available in electric multifunction version, (convection & bake). Small oven for Majestic 60” and large oven for the Majestic & ILVE PRO 40.”
  • Midi - Oven 40 -
    Available in electric bake only. Small oven for ILVE PRO 40”, includes Rotisserie.
  • Mini - Oven 30
    is electric bake only. Small oven for the Majestic 40” & 48”. Small oven for ILVE PRO 40” & 36”, includes Rotisserie.
Rotisserie: electric broil (W)16301630174024002400
Internal dimensions (inches)10 1/4” w
13 3/4” h
17 11/16” d
14 1/4” w
13 3/4” h
17 11/16” d
17 5/16” w
13 3/4” h
17 11/16” d
21 3/16” w
13 3/4” h
17 11/16” d
25 3/16” w
13 3/4” h
17 11/16” d
Capacity (cubic feet)1.441.542.443.003.55
Broil element power (W)870870980980980
Bake element power (W)870900142016301630
Convection element power (W)----261026102610
Ratings (W)18501900370037003700
Stop Gas
Child Safety flame failure safety devices are on all gas burners
Turns off the gas at controls in the event a flame is extinguished
Maxi Oven 90
Maxi Oven 70
Standard Oven 60
Midi Oven 40
Mini Oven 30