Luxury Cooking Accessories - Made in Italy

EuroChef USA is a US importer of ILVE®, and exclusive importer of Verona® brands of quality cooking appliances. The EuroChef USA brands offer innovative Italian crafted ranges, ovens, cooktops and ventilation systems that are internationally recognized and exquisitely designed.

Click on the images below to find out more about the ILVE® or Verona® brands.

ILVE Majestic 60-inch Range

The ILVE® brand represents the finest in Italian Luxury cooking appliances.

Ranges are completely customizable with endless options and hand-assembled by Italian artisans. Visit ILVE® Appliances to see the entire collection, featuring the incomparable Majestic series (pictured above) and to “Customize Your Own” dream range.

Verona Range

The Verona brand offers luxury and performance for a truly professional-grade home kitchen.

The collection of Ranges, Cooktops and Wall Ovens are designed and assembled in Italy to provide the perfect mix of elegance, functionality and performance. Visit Verona Appliances site to see more.